115 Clyde Road, London N15 4JZ

Tel. 020 8809 2137 Email : info@icconline.org.uk


Regular Activities

Masjid Ayesha Tottenham is served by imams Sheikh Abdul Mohymen and Hafiz Sayem Rahman.

Religious programmes: Approximately 500-550 people participate in religious activities as follows:

  • Regular congregational prayers 5 times every day (7 days a week)
  • Weekly congregations on Friday
  • Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha congregations
  • Weekly talks

Education programmes: The community education programmes for both adults and children are as follows:

  • Qur’anic and Islamic studies classes for children (Mon-Thursday)
  • Arabic and Bengali language class for adults and Children
  • Islamic education for women
  • Weekend Islamic school

Community activities

  • Cultural activities for the youth
  • Recreation programmes for the elderly
  • Monthly talks
  • Religious festivals
  • Other occasional activities include social parties and outdoor sessions (i.e. football, rounders and cricket etc) and outdoor
  • Advice session (i.e. healthy eating, diabetes, exercise, career advice etc.)