115 Clyde Road, London N15 4JZ

Tel. 020 8809 2137 Email : info@icconline.org.uk

Fajr Dhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Begins 6.00 12.50 4.02 5.56 7.23
Jammat 6.45 1.30 4.30 6.01 8.00

About The Mosque

Masjid Ayesha Tottenham (formerly Tottenham Mosque) serves this diverse Muslim community in Tottenham and the surrounding areas with the ethos of serving the common good. Inspired by the faith, the mosque is no ordinary place of worship; it welcomes men and women,young and old, Muslim and non-Muslim.
Established in 1982, the mosque hosts daily prayers, Jummah prayers on Friday and other major events in the Islamic calendar. In addition,it conducts daily Qur’an classes and religious counseling sessions for all.
The Mosque is the largest part of the Islamic Community Centre whose wider remit includes serving the social and welfare needs of the community.
Masjid Ayesha Tottenham is a bedrock of this growing community.

Originally known as Tottenham Mosque, the mosque took a momentous step in April 2006 to rename itself Masjid Ayesha Tottenham. The rebranding was designed to coincide with the rebuilding programme of the mosque and the centre. A new name and a new building; a new breath of fresh air to meet the needs of a growing community in Tottenham. The aim of this project was to provide twenty-first century services to the Muslim community, and allow all, Muslims and non-Muslims to be at ease with each other. The Islamic Community Centre and Masjid Ayesha aim to provide a living space for Muslims to worship, express themselves and to invite neighbours of all faiths and none to share common values.

Tottenham Mosque became Masjid Ayesha as a hope and aspiration of Tottenham’s Muslim community. Sheikh Abdul Mohymen, longstanding imam of the mosque said, “Our mosque has been named after one of the greatest women in Muslim history. She was the Prophet Muhammad’s beloved wife; he passed away in her arms. She was one of the many figures who exemplified youthful dynamism. And she became one of the leading scholars – both men and women sought audiences with her, eager to hear her transmit the wisdom of our beloved Prophet”. Looking to her for inspiration, he added “we hope to look at all these qualities to the values of our institution: women should be leading members of our community, young people should be given the space to grow, prosper and be a light to us all; and our mosque should be a beacon of Islamic learning, undistorted, that transmit the love of the Creator and his creatures, humanity.”